The Reason Your Dog Always Barking

Barking is one way that dogs communicate. Some types of barking have no other purpose than offering the dog something to do. Other barking is instinctual, such as protective or territorial. Barking at an intruder is a safety measure like an alarm for a house fire, and that’s why it falls under the instinctual category. It’s often a reason behind why people have dogs – or at least one of the reasons they have one.

I jokingly and seriously call my own pup: My first line of defense. He is my furry baby, who gives unconditional love and companionship, but he also has a job. He protects my home and lets me know if there is a threat. I’m grateful for that.

One family fully realized this beneficial aspect of a dog in the family. Their Chihuahua’s uncontrollable barking in the early morning woke them up. There was an armed intruder in the house! The intruder kicked her aside, but she attacked, giving her family time to react and save themselves.

This type of barking is expected of our dogs, and rewarded. “She’ll be getting big

Basic Tips To Take Care Your Cats

Whether you’re considering buying or adopting a cat for the first time, already own a cat but just want to make sure you’re doing everything right, or simply want to find out more about cats and their care requirements, it can be hard to know where to turn!

Everyone has their own unique ideas about the best way to care for our feline friends, so if you’re having problems sorting the wheat from the chaff and want to make sure that the information you’re reading is reliable and accurate, search no further; read on to learn more about the basics of good cat care, and where to go to improve your knowledge and understanding.

Responsible cat ownership

Before you make the commitment to take on a cat, you should be sure that you will be able to afford to care for it, and intend to own it and look after it appropriately for the duration of its hopefully long life.

You should review your home and surrounding area critically to ensure that it is a safe and suitable environment to bring a cat into, and also, ensure

Tips To Feed Your Pet Piranha

piranha-_tbxxWhat should you feed your pet piranhas?

To some that might seem obvious, feed them anything right? Not quite. Just like humans, you have to make sure that your piranhas eat a balanced diet to make sure they stay healthy. Feeding them table scrapes (which happens often) is not recommended.

Piranha feeding is not extremely complicated. The red belly piranha for example is a meat eater, so meat-like products should be a huge part of their diet. But, you can’t just feed them meat all the time. It’s important to switch with other types of food. Here is a list of piranha foods that have worked for me in the past and other popular suggestions that I found on different forums:

* Frozen fish/seafood like cod, salmon, tuna, catfish, shrimps, krill, mussels and squid. You can buy these in pre-made cubes that you keep in your freezer, or make your own.
* Pellet food such as Hikari Gold or Hikari Cichlid Bio Gold.
* Small pieces of vegetable like celery, cucumbers and peas (some prefer the shell off, others on) can be a good addition to their diet.
* Pinkie mice.
* Live feeders.


Benefit of Keeping Pet Goldfish

Have you ever discouraged yourself from owning pet goldfish because of what other previous goldfish owners have said about them, particularly the negatives? Well, you shouldn’t; especially if you can’t vouch for the truth on why their goldfish originally died! Perhaps the owner tried to keep the fish in a bowl, after partaking in the TV show myth of happy goldfish swimming in an adorable round bowl. Or, maybe the environment was not a bowl, but it was still confining; depending on how many goldfish the owner was keeping at a time (Goldfish need to swim in schools-that applies to just about every type of fish known to man-except “Siamese fighting fish” or Bettas). Or who knows-maybe this person wasn’t on the up and up when it came to some of the important key points of maintenance. Goldfish care is certainly not rocket science, but they too are not a “set and forget” kind of hobby-I have seen all too many perfectly good pre-owned aquariums for sale at second-hand stores and other places-It makes me sad to see that; perhaps these owners “didn’t have the time” for this hobby after awhile. I cannot speak for everybody who eventually abandons

Scratching Post for Your Cat

We all know how much cats love to climb… and sleep and scratch and play… and nap! There are a lot of very cool styles of cat trees and scratching posts available that give your kitty options to do all the things he loves to do most! The variety of configurations of cat trees available include simple styles to ones with multi-levels for climbing and places to stop and scratch along the way. Some styles have hidey holes to lounge and nap in after their play time wears them out!

The simpler styles of cat trees might offer a perch or two with a scratching post included in the structure. They are obviously more cost effective than their larger counterparts so choose with your budget in mind. Now, the more elaborate and larger cat trees can get a little crazy! VERY cool, though, I must admit. Some are designed like castles with every amenity for your cat that you could think of… perches, hidey-holes, scratching areas, dangling toys to play with and lots of vertical pieces to climb on! Your cat could be entertained for hours on end. Then there are those that offer more ‘snoozy’ spots – kind of

How to Choose the Puppy Breed for You

Puppies are great companions for your kids. Having a puppy at home will teach your children how to be responsible especially if they are given the tasks to look after it. However, you should decide carefully on what type of puppy to get so that it will be the right fit for you and your family. Here are some of the things to consider in choosing a puppy.

The choice of breed. You should always consider the puppy’s breed. There are small, medium and large breeds of dogs. Likewise, dog breeds can also be classified according to the activity level of the dogs. Working dog breeds need a lot of exercise and activities to stay healthy. There are also dog breeds that prefer to just lie around the house and can live with minimal activities on a daily basis. The breed of your chosen puppy should be a reflection of your own personal lifestyle.

The choice of breeder. Once you have established the puppy breed that you want, you should search for a reputable breeder that specializes in that specific breed. A professional dog breeder will make sure that the puppies that they are bred to have the best potential of

Let Your Dog Socialize

Many dog breeds seem to be friendly for the most part, but there is not one dog out there that does not benefit from continued socialization. Socialization is a key factor in good mental health for the dog and in making a beloved member of the family. But socialization includes more than just being around other people or dogs. It can include training your dog to be tolerant of being touched on the feet, someone coming close to them when they are eating, or even accepting of loud noises, just to mention a few. If not conducted in a proper manner, you can actually do more harm with your efforts than good. The last thing you want or need is to attempt socialization and have it back fire on you.

Prior to socializing a dog, a person should understand the traits and temperament of the breed of dog they are working with. Often times you can benefit from doing research on your dog’s particular breed to learn about character traits. If you are dealing with a mixed breed, you may want to research all of the breeds involved in your dog’s genealogy. Understanding what challenges may be present can help

Finding the Best Koi Fish Food

Having a pet is great. Apart from the fact that you feel like you have someone around, they can be so adorable. Of course, you have a lot of options. You can be a cat person or a dog person. But, at the end of the day, everyone wants to be a pet fish person. Having a pet Koi fish comes with a lot of advantages. Think of all the fuss you don’t have to deal with if you have just a pet fish.

You don’t need to walk it, to wash it and you don’t have any trouble leaving it in its pond even for a couple of days. The most important thing when it comes to Koi fish is feeding them. You must know the food that the fish needs and of course it’s feeding habits.

Koi Fish Eating Habits

Having Koi can be a little demanding when it comes to its eating habits. To begin with, you must know that it is a breed of fish that needs a lot of food. Therefore, you need to make sure to feed it regularly and properly. Koi fish tend to eat whatever they find and hence it is quite possible that

Facts About Siamese Cats You Never Knew

The regal Siamese cat is known to be playful, smart and loyal. It is one of the breeds of cats that you can easily recognize due to their distinct body types and characteristics. Siamese cats from Appleheads all the way to Seal Point have a wide range of exotic skin colors and lively personalities. This beautiful creature has the ability to communicate with its companions and loves to be part of their lives. To learn more about this cool kitty, read this compilation of fun facts.

The Siamese is among the oldest domestic cat breeds, having a long history. They originated in Thailand, which was formerly called Siam. Here, they were considered part of the royal family. Therefore, images of this blue-eyed kitty were seen in ancient manuscripts dated way back in 1350. In 1871, this breed of cat was put on display at the Crystal Palace of London. This brought about an interest in Siamese cats and made them much more popular.

When Siamese cats are born, they are white, but they later develop markings when they are about four weeks old. This coloring, which shows up on cooler body parts, is caused by a partial albinism gene, which is

How to Train Your Kitten to Not Chew

Those cute little kitten faces with their big eyes also hide some big and rather sharp teeth. Kittens like to chew and sometimes do this when they are going through a phase similar to teething in babies. They also bite and chew anything they think is prey and this can include items you would rather they didn’t – from your finger to the electrical cord on the TV. So how do you stop them chewing things?


Kittens begin to lose their baby teeth at around the age of nine weeks and it takes until they are 5-6 months old for them to get all of their adult teeth in place. During this time, chewing things can be a part of the teething process and eases the pain and discomfort in their mouth. It is also the time when habits can be formed so making these good ones is important.

Chew toys were once the realm of the dog but manufacturers now make chew toys for cats. These are aimed at teething kittens and encourage them to chew the toy rather than anything else. They can even be chilled to help ease tender gums while their texture helps build up jaw muscles.



Goldfish Can Becoming An Invasive Species

Goldfish have become an invasive species that have negatively impacted lakes within the United States, as well as around the world. Large goldfish have been found in lakes within the United States such as Lake Tahoe, Quemado Lake in New Mexico, and Lake St. Clair in Michigan. Experts are worried how quickly goldfish can breed and change an ecosystem.

Goldfish dumping is happening around the country. They are common in family aquariums and garden pools. They are easily obtained, usually being one of the least expensive fish to purchase. Not only that, they can be brought home through other means, for example, people may win a goldfish from a game booth at a fair. When the goldfish is no longer wanted, or perhaps due to the need to move, people may think they are being kind to their pet goldfish by setting it free in a nearby lake, rather than killing it. However, while they may save their pet’s life, the goldfish may destroy a whole population of native fish.

According to an expert, Sue Williams, who is an ecology professor at the University of California, aquarium dumping has created one third of the world’s worst aquatic invasive species. Aquarium fish

The Reason Algae Occurs and How to Get Rid Of It

It is the case that every spring, as temperatures rise and daylight hours increase, an algal bloom occurs in everyone’s koi pond. Dreaded algal blooms like green water that make koi disappear from view or unsightly string algae that seems to pop up from nowhere seem to be an inescapable fact of pond life. There is a lot that happens during the transition from winter to spring. One thing that many koi owners experience is an increase in disease. This increase is, in part, linked to the fact that little beasties like parasites are doing well in the increasing water temperatures but a koi’s immune system is still coming back into full strength so there is a period in the spring when they are more vulnerable. Additionally, the increase in temperatures, sunlight and available nutrients from dead and decaying plant material and fish waste act to fuel algal growth and a bloom occurs. But what about the beneficial bacteria in the filter media? They are still there but, like a koi’s immune system, are not at full strength yet (more on beneficial bacteria later). Algae a pretty simple as living things go. They need sunlight, carbon dioxide (given off

Feeding Tips for Kittens

Taking care of a newborn pet requires adequate knowledge and skills. Newborn animals are treated differently than their adult counterparts. Newborn pets require special attention and different feeding requirements. And it is the responsibility of the owners to know the right petting tricks to ensure that their pets will thrive and grow healthy.

Newborn cats have different nutritional requirements than that of the adult cats. Kittens grow rapidly and require 25% more nutrition than the adult cats until they reach their 6 months of age. A kitten’s bodyweight may double or triple during its first weeks of life. Due to its rapid growth rate, it needs food containing large amount of energy and nutrients in balanced quantities.

For the first four weeks of life, you do not have to feed your kitten anything aside from their mother’s milk. The mother’s milk contains complete nutrition that is perfect for its newborn’s nutritional requirements. The event becomes harder if the mother cat is not around or is ill. If this happens, you can feed your pets with a commercial milk replacer. You can consult a veterinarian to gain more information about the product and feeding instructions.

At 3 weeks of life, you may start

Basic Commands to Teach Your Dog

In this article I am going to share with you basic commands to teach your dog. Make sure to be patient with the learning process and repeat the commands as often as necessary.

1. Choose a “release command”. This is a special word that tells the dog when he can stop doing something. This command will take the place of a “stay” command. When a command is given, the “stay” is implied- the dog must stay in position until he is “released.”

The standard release commands are “free” or “release”, but you can choose any word you like, other than “OK”, “let’s go”, or “come”. It must be a word that isn’t commonly heard in normal conversation. Some examples include: taco, chaos, zombies, cuckoo, libre, skidoosh, at ease, etc. (People living in multiple dog households will need a different release command for each individual dog).

2. Teach your dog to “sit” at your side. Make sure you ask your dog to sit ONLY ONCE (the command is “sit”, not “sit, sit, sit”) and then give him a moment to comply- patience is important when you are teaching a new behavior, so even if your dog knows.

To get beside your dog, hold some

How To Plumbing Your Aquarium

If you have any desire to move beyond goldfish and guppies and into the exciting world of saltwater reef aquariums, you are going to have to tackle the basics of plumbing your aquarium. Many of the invertebrates you work with in a reef aquarium require a strong flow of water running constantly through the setup. This water movement is critical for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as removing waste products produced by live coral and other creatures you may have in your aquarium.

Flexible Line and PVC

When considering the plumbing of your aquarium, you have a choice of setting your system up with flexible line or PVC piping. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Flexible line consists of rubber tubing, which can be bent into configurations much more easily than the solid plastic of PVC piping. This makes it convenient for plumbing small aquarium setups, where you don’t have lots of room to work out the plumbing details. This ability to bend as you go also makes installing flexible tubing easier and faster than PVC piping, and it is also easier to replace the tubing if your aquarium system should suddenly spring a leak. To attach the

Choosing the Right Dog Toys for Your Pet

One of the many joys of owning a pet dog is that you can have hours of fun playing together, especially outdoors as many dogs are big fans of playing, running and chasing outside. To get the most enjoyment out of these times spent with your pet, selecting the right dog toy is absolutely essential.

Whilst many puppy starter packs will include toys for your dog to start off playing with, as your dog grows it can be harder to find something that suits their playing preferences and their personality. Here are some top tips for deciding on the best dog toys online to buy for your canine companion.

Firstly, you will need to consider the playing style of your dog. It could be that he or she likes to chase, to chew or even to cuddle his or her toys. There is a toy suitable for all these different play styles, and this should be your top consideration when selecting something for your pet.

For those that like to chase, balls are the perfect option, and indeed they are possibly the most widely bought and used choice out of all the dog toys on the market today. You can also choose

Three Easy Step To Talk With Your Dog

Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking? What he or she really says to you when they tilt their head that way? Or why they do certain things? While an animal psychologist might try to give you an explanation, it’s never completely accurate. So why not just take a few minutes a day to learn how to communicate with your dog and get the answers straight from the horse’s… um, dog’s mouth?

Before we get to the three simple steps you can do to communicate with your pet, let’s talk about those doggie psychologists for a minute. Psychologists focus on behavioral patterns and why we as humans do what we do. Animal psychologists do the same, but we as humans know that psychology isn’t always so correct. So it stands to reason that doggie psychologists wouldn’t be too right either. Besides, it’s not like they talk to the dog to find out why they do what they do, instead they put some limits to use to find out on their own. And many times those are instilling even more fear into the dog.

Now let’s take a minute to talk about communicating with your dog. Dogs, as well as

Facts About Cats That May Surprise You

Our mysterious feline friends have been revered, feared, loved and hated for thousands of years. Many superstitions have been created that relate to the allegedly good or bad luck that cats can bring. Below are eight superstitions that centre around that aforementioned luck.

Never Chase A Black Cat

Apart from it not being a very nice thing to do, it is held that chasing a black cat will bring the pursuer bad luck.Superstition has it that a woman who once chased a black cat from her door went on to lose twenty-three relatives over a period of several years.

If You Forget To Feed A Cat

Ever forgotten to feed your cat? Apparently it means that it is going to rain on Wednesday.

If by chance you did miss kitty’s feeding time you will be able to get the heads up about Wednesday’s rainfall as it has been said that rain is on its way if a cat’s whiskers are drooping!

Stray Cat Strutting

If you find yourself being followed by a stray cat then be pleased… this is a sign of good luck.

Make Sure You Don’t Do This

Superstition holds that it is bad luck to step on a cat and also that rheumatism will develop

Tips to Deal With an Anxious Cat Like a Pro

There are cats which can be extremely calm. On the other hand, there are kitties which can be feeling the opposite, having the tendency to be more jittery and anxious. It can be worrisome and disappointing for cat parents who have their cats’ best interests at heart. If you’re one of the cat parents who notice this nervous behavior in your feline friend, learn more about how you can help her feel and be more relaxed.

Reasons Why Your Cat is Anxious

There can be a number of reasons causing your cat’s nervous behavior including:

Fear – You may not know it but there may something in your surroundings that’s scaring your cat, keeping her feeling nervous.

Negative experience during early years as a kitten – While your cat was a young little kitten, it could be possible that she had a negative experience, causing this nervous behavior. Negative experiences include but are not limited to homelessness, abuse, lack of social skills and experience with fellow cats and humans, and improper socialization.

New Environment – If you have a new kitten or an older cat and you brought her home for the very first time, it is absolutely possible for her to feel nervous while

The Reason Dog Is So Important To Our Health

If you, like me, are an animal lover, then you may already know this; having a pet is actually good for your health. Really good in fact!

They boost your mood

This one may seem obvious, as we all get very attached to our dogs, but they’re a serious mood booster! If you take just 15 minutes of your day to play with your dog, research has proved that you will feel much happier for the rest of the day. Many people will point to the fact that they play with their dogs for much longer, too. Research has also proved that dogs provide companionship on the same level as human companionship.

Forget medicine!

The British Journal of Health carried out studies that found people with dogs were on average far healthier than those without. The dog owners had lower cholesterol and had fewer heart attacks. They also, on average, took less medicine and had fewer medical problems. Which leads me onto my next point…

Dogs keep you on the move

Your dog encourages you to exercise and stay fit. If you have a medium to large dog, you should be walking it at least one time per day. Therefore dog owners tend to be